Monday, July 27, 2009

Love On 4 Paws Animal Assisted Therapy

Love On 4 Paws volunteer handler / animal teams are experienced in interacting with people who are ill, physically handicapped, developmentally delayed, or multi-handicapped. For these people, simple tasks or unexpected situations can become discouraging obstacles, sometimes preventing interaction with others. Animal assisted therapy visits counteract isolation and facilitate socialization, while helping build motor skills, cognitive skills, and self-confidence. As self-esteem increases, feelings of sadness, pain, and vulnerability decrease. It is amazing to watch the way therapy animals bring smiles and happiness to any environment. Suddenly hard work becomes more enjoyable, and challenges become less daunting.
Love on 4 Paws volunteer teams now serve several Los Angeles area hospitals, special schools, and assisted living facilities. There is no doubt that allowing therapy animals to visit these venues greatly enhances the patients’, students’, and residents’ quality of life.

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