Friday, July 31, 2009

3 Adorable pups who NEED HOMES!

Here are three Pups who need homes! They are all up to date on their shots and spayed/neutered!


"Hi, my name is Sinatra and I'm a 2 1/2 year old large (75 lbs) American Bulldog. I may be a big boy, but I am a total love and get along with everyone! I love to play with my toys, but am also very well-behaved indoors and house-trained. I'm not crazy about playing with cats or most dogs...unless the dog is female, and then we have a chance. The only thing that's missing from my life is a permanent home and a loving guardian. I hope you're the one for me. Love, Ol' Blue Eye"


"Hi, my name is Buddah and I'm a 6 year-old American Bulldog mix. I'm a big fellow who loves people, children, my rope and just lounging around. I'm a little quirky and love hanging out near air-conditioning vents. I am extremely well-mannered, great indoors and am completely house-trained. Although I was trained by the famed Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, and taught to respect my fellow canines, I really don't enjoy their company. That's why I need you!"

"Hey there, I'm Jemma and I'm a 1 year-old, medium sized (45 lbs) Pointer mix. I was dumped at the pound after having a litter of puppies and am just looking for a forever home. I have lots of energy and love getting lots of exercise, so if you like to run, walk, hike or play, I'm totally game! Not only am I house-trained, I am also very affectionate and extremely loyal. I love people and most other dogs, but really want to have a home and best friend to call my own."


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