Monday, January 18, 2010

Hooch update 2

Thank you everyone for forwarding and for your donations. Hooch's surgery went really well yesterday and he's already stronger today. We're confident that he'll have a full recovery and will soon be able to jump back on his couch on his own!

We've raised $1250 and have $2150 left to pay. Please continue to send to anyone you think can help, thanks!

Hooch update


Hooch is doing amazing! He has a great appetite and doesn't let on that he is in any pain or discomfort. See pics of him after his surgery, and happy at home with Foster Dad Jacob!

We've raised $1490, still need $910 to pay off his bill, please keep forwarding, thank you so much!

Hooch from Ace of Hearts!

Hello Wonderful Ace of Hearts Supporters,

Great news about Hooch! Some of you may have known that we thought he might have a tumor on his spine, it's not a tumah! We had an MRI done yesterday and he has 2 discs that can be corrected with surgery, but only if done ASAP! He's undergoing surgery tomorrow, we don't actually have the funds at this time but can't wait until we raise them or it will be too late. The estimate is approximately $2500.

Please forward to anyone you think may be able to help. No amount is too small, imagine if everyone you know would just give up Starbucks for one day! Donations can be made via pay pal directly on our site -

Thursday, October 8, 2009

SPECIAL EVENT! Pamper yourself AND your Pooch this Sunday!

Pamper yourself AND your Pooch this Sunday!

Who: You and your pooch(s)

What: Unisex Grooming (nails, eyebrows, lash extensions, facials, waxing...) for people. Mobile Pet Groomer, Cathy, will be on site to take care of your dog!

Where: Kings & Queens Unisex Grooming Bar
7223 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, CA. 90046

When: Sunday, 12pm-6pm

Why: Because you deserve it and Ace of Hearts gets 20% of sales for people grooming, and 100% for dog grooming!

Please spread the word!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dog-fighting ring busted at day care center

Blood spattered the garage of a home day care in Chicago Ridge, Ill., that was also the base of an alleged dog- fighting ring, authorities said Wednesday, describing battered and malnourished dogs and the devices used to train them found not far from where children played.

Police said four people were arrested, and felony dog-fighting charges are pending against several of them, including the day care operator's husband. Authorities did not immediately release their names.

Nine battered dogs - four of which were puppies - were rescued, police said.

"The dogs were in horrific condition," Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said at the Animal Welfare League in suburban Chicago Ridge, where several of the dogs were undergoing surgery and rehabilitation. "This is as bad as we've seen."

Dart said approximately 10 children were found in the day care during the raid Tuesday, but they were not in the immediate vicinity of the dogs.

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services spokesman Kendall Marlowe said the Maywood day care was shut down Wednesday and was under investigation. He said it had been licensed since March 2004 and for a capacity of seven children.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Humane responders take on task of socializing 500 dogs from raid

On Sunday, a team of 11 Red Star Animal Emergency Services responders from the American Humane Association will return to a shelter near St. Louis to help care for and socialize some 500 dogs that were rescued in a July dogfighting raid, the biggest in U.S. history, which spanned Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas.

This news comes on the heels of guilty pleas from Robert Hackman, Teddy Kiriakidis, Ronald Creach and Michael Morgan entered Monday to conspiracy and other crimes, admitting their roles in breeding, trafficking, fighting and killing pit bulls in a lucrative dogfighting network, the Associated Press reports. A fifth co-defendant, Jack Ruppel, pled guilty Sept. 4.

During the raid, agents also seized "rape stands" used to strap female dogs into place to be bred. One hundred puppies have been born since the raids.

Breeding is crucial to the industry because fighting dogs don't live long, says Tim Rickey, director of the Humane Society of Missouri's anti-cruelty task force.

The Humane Society of Missouri staff "is outstanding," says Red Star Animal Emergency Services program manager Tracy Reis. "This temporary shelter is one of the best run that I've seen. They've been working this shelter since the beginning and are tireless in their efforts to care for these dogs. I'm proud that they've asked us to help."

New video from the Humane Society of Missouri shows dogs chained and caged with ribs showing, lips chewed and legs missing:

"To know that three-legged dogs were forced to fight for their survival is too much," said Rickey.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Adopt Destiny

This little sweetie was rescued from a shelter up North. Destiny is the cutest little angel in the world.
Destiny is about two months old and will grow to be around forty lbs. She is going to be a great family dog. She has a very sweet and gentle spirit. If you are interested in adopting this one of a kind little angel, then feel free to contact. me at 213-840-0153 or feel free to email me at

More about Destiny ...
  • Available for Adoption
  • Black with White
  • Medium
  • Good with Dogs
  • Good with Cats
  • Good with Children
  • Up-to-date with vaccines
  • Location: 90007

    E Mail

    Adopt Fiona

    Dogs Okay, Children (8 years and up), High Energy, Puppy Classes Required At Owner's Expense
    DATE IN: 9/5/09
    FROM: Public Intake
    DOB: 7/3/09
    BREED: Female, Mixed Breed

    Adoption Manager – ext. 103
    Phone: (818) 901 - 0190

    Vaccine clinics

    Vaccine Clinics


    VCA Animal Hospital
    (818) 845-7246

    Culver City

    Sepulveda Animal Hospital
    (310) 397-0774


    Southeast Area Animal Control
    (714) 935-6848

    Los Angeles

    Ambassador Dog and Cat Hospital
    (213) 384-1255

    Center Sinai Animal Hospital
    (310) 559-3770

    Larchmont Animal Clinic
    (323) 463-4889

    Robertson Animal Hospital
    (310) 657-7050

    Stray Cat Alliance
    (310) 281-6973

    VCA Petville Animal Hospital
    (310) 313-9118

    Santa Monica

    VCA Santa Monica Dog and Cat Hospital
    (310) 453-5459

    VCA Wilshire Animal Hospital
    (310) 828-4587

    LA Tails | Celebrating the relationship between pets and their people

    LA Tails | Celebrating the relationship between pets and their people

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