Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doggies that need homes

Breed: Labrador/Pitt Bull mixAge: YoungOrphan Annie was found digging through trash cans in Playa Del Rey. She is a lab mix and is about 18 months and weighs about 60 lbs. She is in good health but is has been treated for, and is recovering from, an ear infection. She was recently a mother, but we could not find her puppies, so we are assuming she was abandoned without them. She gets along with cats and dogs, and is learning good manners from her foster dog sibling! She is very sweet and has shown no aggression, and has been around children as yong as infants and up to 10 years old and is good with all of them.

Breed: ChihuahuaAge: babyFLEA "F" (Fuzzy) "L" (Loveable) "E" (Extremely) "A" (Adorable) ...and AVAILABLE! My name is Flea and I was born with a crooked leg. I get around fine but my leg could be repaired when I grow up with an orthopedic surgery. The tail end of my spine is not connected to the rest of me and that causes difficulty when I have to go potty. I need to have a laxative twice a day and eat only canned food to keep things moving, I also need my bottom cleaned as my floppy tail gets in the way. Flea is a funny playful, very cuddly little puppy. Flea is not in pain but will need special care, if you have room in your life for a very special little guy and are willing to care for him and keep him safe and comfortable you can put in an application. Yes he is adorable but will you still love him after cleaning his rear for the thousandth time? Flea is a sweet little puppy that has some special challenges and we must do the best we can for him by finding him his special angel who will love him forever. Flea is 4 months old and weighs 2 pounds. He will probably be less than 5 pounds full grown.


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